48 Small Business Mobile App Features – Create Your App

3 Features Of A Good Mobile App

If you want a small business mobile app then these three things are essential for pain free development and use of your app!

Professional Setup

Small Business Mobile Apps Should Include Professional Setup
Danam sets everything up for you. Our proven app building is customized with your needs in mind and our set-ups improve customer loyalty and retention.

Easy Editing

Small Business Mobile Apps Should Be Easy To Manage
Want to edit content in your application? Easy! Log in to your Danam account, make the edit, and your application is instantly updated.


Small Business Mobile Apps Should Be Affordable
Create a full mobile strategy for your business for less than the cost of a newspaper ad. Couldn’t be easier!

Mobile App Features

With Danam’s simple-to-use content manage system (CMS) you can customize your app design and functionality. Here are the top 48 features you can access within your app dashboard…

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GPS Driving Directions

GPS gives your customers turn by turn directions to your business.

One Touch Dialing

Customers can call you with one click. Your one touch away even if they don’t know your business number


Simple sharing through Twitter, Facebook, text messaging (SMS) and email for word of mouth and viral marketing.

Business Information

Update your customers with your business information. Share anything you like including services, events and menus.

Places of Interest

Place any point of interest on an in app map.

Event Listings

Update your events on the go and keep your customers current on the fly.

Contact Information

Share your contact details including your website, phone number, email plus easy to use directions to your business.

Email & Share Photos

Get photos from your customers by allowing them to email your business directly.

Native Image Gallery

Share images with a stunning photo gallery feature.

Social Fan Wall

Initiate customer feedback and manage comments with your own fan section.

Local & Push Notifications

Alert your customer with messages and updates with our easy to use client portal. Just login and send your notification!

GPS Coupon Codes

Easy create coupons for customers and allow “stop by” deals & specials.

Custom Counter Feature

Customers can count your business items and even email you the feedback.

Mailing List Sign Up

Seamlessly gather contact information for your newsletter and keep contact with your customers.

Easy Tip Calculator

The easy tip calculator allows customers to quickly determine their tip percentage inside your small business mobile app.

QR Code Coupons

QR code coupon generator allows customers to redeem coupons at your business with a simple QR code scan reader.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Your mortgage loan payment calculator allows customers to see rates ,terms and amount. Real estate agents can even preset their interest rate.

Blog Integration

Simple blog RSS integration allows you to share posts so users can quickly read your blog directly in your app.

Facebook Platform Integration

Integrate your Facebook page and allow customers to connect with your business

Twitter Integration for iPhone & Android

Twitter integration allows customers to connect to your Twitter account

LinkedIn Integration API

Our LinkedIn integration API gives customers direct access to your business LinkedIn profile.

MySpace API Integration

The smple MySpace API integration quickly connects customers to you through MySpace.

MyEmma Email Services Integration

The MyEmma email services integration allows you to import contacts from your app to your MyEmma account.

Campaign Monitor API Integration

The Campaign Monitor API integration allows seamless connection to your Campaign Monitor account.

Constant Contact Newsletter

Constant contact newsletter connects your app with your Constant Contact account.

Get Response Integrations

Get Response integration allow you to import your customer information into your Get Response autoresponder

iContact Email Marketing Integration

With your app’s iContact email marketing integration you can import leads from your app directly to iContact.

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp integration connect functionality to your MailChip account from your app by allowing you to import contacts gathered to your MailChip account.

OpenTable Reservation Service Integration

The OpenTable reservation service integration allows you to make reservations and increase customer retention through their loyalty points program.

Podcast Publishing

Podcast publishing allows you to update users with podcasts so users can listen on the go with your smart phone app.

SoundCloud Integration

SoundCloud integration allows you to share any audio file directly inside your small business mobile app.

Friendly Customer Support

Our friendly customer support has online help including a help desk and how-to articles for quick answers to frequently asked questions.

Shopify Ecommerce Integration

Share your Shopify Ecommerce store or add an easy-to-use shopping cart feature.

Magento eCommerce Integration

Magento eCommerce integration allows you to connect a shopping cart feature for quick checkout.

Volusion eCommerce & Shopping Cart Integration

Volusion eCommerce shopping cart integration allows you to sell anything directly from your mobile app.

Bigcommerce eCommerce Platform Integration

Bigcommerce eCommerce platform integration allows you to easily sell your products or services from inside your app.

All in One Shopping Cart

Our Google Check Out and PayPal integration provides a simple all in one shopping cart.

Notepad Feature

Users can quickly create text notes and email them to anyone with the notepad feature.

Voice & Sound Recorder

An optional voice and sound recorder allows users to record and share any sounds within your app.

Mobile Advertising with AdMob

Make money with your app through mobile advertising with AdMob.

Flickr Photo Sharing

Flickr photo sharing allows you to display photos with your Flickr account.

Picasa Integrated Photo Sharing

Picasa’s Integrated photo sharing connects your Picasa photos to your small business mobile app.

WuFoo Form Building Integration

WuFoo form building integration creates easy to use feedback or contact forms. Create an order form, appointment signup and much more!

YouTube Video Sharing

YouTube video sharing allows you to connect users directly to your YouTube channel.

HTML5 Redirect

HTML5 redirects allow you to redirect your current website to a user friendly mobile site.

iPhone App Store Listing

Get listed in the iPhone app store so new customers can find you easily in their iPhone or iPad.

iPad App Development

Your mobile app will also be iPad compatible through or no cost iPad app development integration. Your app will work on every device, iPhone, iPad and Android!

Android App Store Listing in Google Play

Your smartphone app creation will an Android app store listing in Google Play. Be found on all mobile devices.

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