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Your online presence starts with a well designed and well structured website that supports your offerings AND your brand. Throwing a website up without proper planning and structure can make your site look, well, haphazard and probably cause confusion about your message. Website planning should start with a site map that outlines your site structure and its content which also helps you visualize how it will all come together. This can change over time but is a solid foundation to work from. Then you should have site access through a Content Management System (CMS) so you can update your site quickly and easily without outside help.

At Danam we have a stable of designers and content creators that will position you at the forefront of your market with a beautiful and search engine-friendly web site.

Times they are a changing — constantly.

It used to be that you put a site up and you could pretty much forget about it and then you waited for customers or clients to reach out to you. Nowadays the web world is in a state of constant flux as the big boys of the internet (most notably Google) change the status quo on a fairly regular basis. In 2015 with very little fanfare, Google decided that unless you had a mobile-ready website your search rankings took a big hit. Then is 2016 Google deemed it necessary for all websites to have a SSL certificate which was usually only required for sites that took credit card, and other financial or personal information. At Danam we stay on top of all the protocol changes so you don’t have to.

Attributes of a well designed website

Fast page load speed
It’s responsive
Easy to navigate
Optimized content (you need a well-written site with images that complement your message)
Easy-to-find contact information
Embraces your brand
Has a SSL certificate